The Williams Family

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anna is 5 months!

No, unfortunately time has not stopped around here. Anna did turn 5 months I just forgot to blog her new monthly picture. :-) She has had an extremely busy month! She started rolling over both ways, grabbing and playing with toys, grabbing her feet and putting them in her mouth, and just generally being cute! She loves her exersaucer and jumperoo and she enjoys time in her bumbo too. Not too big of a fan of the swing or bouncey seat anymore but does occasionally take a snooze in the swing if she doesn't need a good long nap in her crib. Anna sleeps about 12 hours at night occasionally waking for her paci. She's a sweet little girl, but boy does she have a temper and if she's mad about something she will let you know! I wonder where she gets that from?? ahem, Keith! ;-) She's still a breastfed baby and we're looking forward to starting solids at the end of this month. She's just a little thing, I think in the 10-25th percentile and is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6m clothes. She is such a joy and we are just so in love with her!