The Williams Family

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's been kind of crazy around our house lately...I've been up to my eyeballs in sessions and proofing and Keith has been just as busy with work at Frazer. So, not too much time for personal photo taking. I did however snap this cutie of the girls the other day.

We spent two hours at the doctors office this morning because Ella has a constant re-occurring cough. We also went because Anna-Bear only weighs 13lbs. 12oz. at almost 6 months which was a concern to me (to compare, Ella was 15lbs. 15oz.). Result of the doctor's visit - Ella has asthma and is now going to be doing breathing treatments and inhalers on a daily basis. Hopefully this will cure that cough and get her back to normal. All the tests they did on Anna were perfect, so it appears she is just a tiny little girl. She's meeting all of her milestones on time or a little bit early, so nothing to worry about there. We did leave with some acid reflux medicine to test out and see if that helps anything. So, anyways, hopefully we're going to back to normal soon! A couple more weeks of busy holiday season for me and then I should be back to posting more family pictures. :-)


McCrory Family said...

I hope Ella gets to feeling better soon! Margaret Ann has that same bubble as Anna. I didn't know their was a matching big sister outfit - CUTE!! Your girls are just beautiful!

Nancy said...

They both look totally healthy and gorgeous :) love the outfits!

Gail said...

Suzanne...your girls are beautiful! I love Emily and Scott's pictures. You are great with that camera. Thanks again for reposting mine. I just need a few more. Have a good week:)