The Williams Family

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've made a goal for myself to actually have prints made of my photos and to display them all over my home. It's ridiculous how few photographs I have on my walls and how many I have on my hard drive that I absolutely love. So, I'm going to start at one end of my house and work my way through. First up...the laundry room. I love the look of unframed prints, leaning against the wall. I had this image of Anna put on a standout mount to make it a little more substantial. Love it! Probably need to update my shelf now considering it looks slightly (ok, a lot) outdated. ;-)


Kelli said...

I am SO in the same boat!! I have NO pictures out around my house because I am HORRIBLE at having them printed. I walk in everyone else's house and they have all of these pictures and I think..why in the WORLD don't I do this?? It is so easy to keep them on your computer and look at them there. But you have inspired me...I think I am going to slowly work on this!!!