The Williams Family

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ella's Cool New Trick

I've been very good about sticking to my New Year's Resolution of not taking quite so many pictures. I've been trying to only get the camera out about once or twice a week. So, today was a picture day and I got a couple of pics of Ella playing around in the living room. She's so funny now because she knows when she's doing something that she's not supposed to. For instance, she's not supposed to pull on the blinds so she crawls over there, pulls up on them, and then promptly looks back at me and smiles like "look at me Mom, I'm doing something naughty!"

She's also become quite the Cheerio addict and Abby and Charlie have developed a habit of hanging around her high chair in the hopes that she'll drop a few morsels, which she typically does.

However, the big news of the week is that Ella is standing with no hands! And, she took her very first step today! When Keith came home from work today, Ella was standing by herself in the living room. When she saw him she stepped towards him to get him to pick her up. She even regained her balance a little bit after she stepped! She's definitely not walking, but she for sure tried today and I'm sure will be making good progress in the next few weeks. :-) Pop-pop is so proud...he's been working on her walk since about 2 weeks...haha.
P.S.- The colors of the pictures look a little bit different because I've really gotten into digital scrapbooking and have been trying different looks for my pictures. On these I used some Kelsey Smith presets.