The Williams Family

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dad's 53rd Birthday

We celebrated my dad's 53rd birthday this past weekend by going the the bowling alley on Maxwell AFB. Total blast! I had forgotten how much fun bowling is. We played 3 games; I won, Keith won, and my mom won. No winning for the birthday boy. :-( And, I actually broke 100 which is unheard of for me! Ella went along and enjoyed watching for awhile then finally conked out in her stroller. Such a sweet little girl. :)

After 6pm they turned on the black lights...c r a z y! Kind of distracting when trying to bowl I thought...gosh I'm sounding old. :-) Afterwards we did cake, ice cream, and presents at my parent's house. My dad received, as one of his presents, my old Rebel XT so I'm excited for his to join the world of DSLRs!


Nancy Hood said...

I love the pic of Ella watching him blow out the candles~