The Williams Family

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Thank you so much for all the comments, emails, and calls about Ella's sleeping issues. I want to report that I've been trying very hard to be consistent with her crying it out the past couple of days. Meaning, putting her in the crib awake and letting her cry until she falls asleep; only checking on her at 15-20 minute intervals and not picking her up out of the crib. After a few naps of doing this, this afternoon when I laid her down she promptly sat back up as usual and let out a cry and I thought "here we go again." But I didn't hear anything else after that first cry. I waited about 5 minutes and peeked in her nursery and this is what I saw:

Yahooo...put herself to sleep with no crying! Not very common for her! (Don't worry, her room is not that bright when taking a nap...I overexposed the picture :-)) I'm not going to jinx it and say she's making progress, but it was nice to have one nap without a fight! (Even though it only lasted 30 minutes)

On a different note, I would like to revise my 2008 resolutions to include "I resolve to not take so many pictures this year!" Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having pictures and I love taking them. But I have taken so many pictures of Ella this year that I am totally overwhelmed. The very thought of scrapbooking them all makes me anxious! I want to focus on only taking the pictures that matter and weeding out all the extras. Because, geez, no way will I be able to keep this up if we have another one!!