The Williams Family

Monday, January 28, 2008

What's in my basket?

Ella loves digging in her toy baskets these days to find a new toy. She thinks it's such a fun game. And she just can't figure out how all the toys get back in the basket after she's pulled them all out. She hasn't quite mastered the "putting toys back in the basket" trick. :-)

Also, I've waited a little while to post this so I won't be "counting my chickens" but I am happy to report that Ella's sleeping has GREATLY improved. She's sleeping from 7-5:30 or 6 with no interruptions and taking 2 naps. No crying when I put her in the crib and she's sleeping for at least an hour for both of her naps. Those of you who are familiar with Ella's sleeping patterns know this is amazing. Thank you so very much for your prayers about this because I know that's what helped me through "baby boot camp" as I like to call it. All mothers know it is so hard to hear your child cry herself to sleep. But, in the long run, I know it was in her best interest because she is sleeping so well now and is so happy all the time. I love a well-rested baby! So, anyways, thank you!