The Williams Family

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just call me One Sock Ella

My child loses a sock like it's her job! As my mom says, she is such a little ragamuffin sometimes. It's so cute to me how kids lose articles of clothing and it doesn't both them a bit..."so much easier to crawl around Mom!"

We are having a spell of warm weather in Alabama (I know, big surprise!) and Ella and I took advantage today by spending some time outside in the grass. (I know the top of her head is cut out of the pictures, but I just loved the expressions!) While we were out there playing I happened to snap a picture of her "stick-up" toe. We get tickled because the 2nd toe of her feet "sticks up" and lays over the big toe and 3rd toe. Just one of her precious peculiarities. :-)

Finally, Keith wanted me to spread the word that he has officially started his own blog now. You can visit it at Or you can click on "Keith's blog" to the right under "favorite places."