The Williams Family

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Stroller

Look at my sweet girl playing with a baby stroller! I am so excited! Why all the excitement? Because when I was a little girl I loved babies and strollers and baby things. I always imagined my daughter enjoying those things too. Well...for the first 13 months of her life, Ella hated baby dolls and just threw them when we tried to give them to her. Now she's picking up the babydoll, giving it some love, and putting it in the stroller to push around. Too cute! Oh and a cute story...we were all in the living room watching TV and Ella was playing around with her toys. I looked over and she had sat herself down in her baby stroller and was drinking from her sippy and swinging her feet. So content! :-)

The other night I had my first girls night out in a long time...and it was at the tattoo parlor!! :-) I went with 3 other girls so one of them could get her nose pierced and by the time we left another of them had a gotten a new, unplanned tatttoo! :-) It was so much fun spending some time out with the girls. And keep in mind that we're all church-going wives and mothers!

Finally, here are a couple more pictures from Father's Day. Ella is becoming quite the little basketball player in the water. It makes Keith so proud!