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Sunday, June 15, 2008

One more thing...

Since my first post was kind of for our fathers, I just wanted to add a couple things about Keith. We're doing a marriage biblestudy for couples at our church this summer. In our first meeting, the leader was kind of giving a description of a stereotypical husband. A man who comes home, asks what is for dinner and then spends the rest of the night in his recliner. After listening to that and thinking for awhile, I realized that my husband does not fit that stereotype at all! I am so blessed to have a man that not only works all week to support our family so I can stay home, but then pitches in to do all the yard work, help me with the cooking and cleaning, and is a terrific father to Ella. Wow! I am such a lucky girl! In addition to all that, he constantly surprises me with little gifts and sweet things (which I LOVE!), makes me and Ella laugh (a lot), and is always willing to put our needs before his. I am amazed daily at what a good dad he is to Ella and love it when I catch them in special moments like playing on the floor with her toys or shooting basketball at the park down the street. Ella is going to adore having Keith for a dad as she gets older!

Anyways, enough of the mushy stuff. But on this special day I just want to let everyone know how special Keith is to Ella and me! I love you Keith! :-)
PS - No children were harmed in the making of that picture...she actually thinks that's really funny!


Mandy said...

Lovely tribute to Keith! It is a lucky man who's wife sings his praises to the world! Mutual respect and love truly make for happy spouses!

Anonymous said...

That is the most loving and enduring thing to say about your husband.How very neat! I hope you know how truly blessed you both are to have such a loving and caring relationship together. Ella will grow surrounded by that love and become the same kind of child growing up. love you all to pieces! Miss you , too! Aunt Sis