The Williams Family

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot!!!!!'s hot in Alabama. All we've been doing is hanging out at my parent's pool or sitting around in the air conditioning. I hit 100 degrees today and it's only June 3rd! Wow! Anyways, we went out this morning to water my flowers while it was at least a little cool and I snapped a picture of Ella. It's so hard to get her to smile for the camera now. Anyone have any tricks to get one out of her? Or is it just going to be that way until she's about 18? :-)


Nancy Hood said...

just wait until you brag on her to your parents and ask Ella to 'repeat' the action or word and she looks at you with confusion, then refuses to perform. arrgh! they'll do it every time~

The Stinson Family said...

I would like to come hang out in the pool with you! We just returned from San Diego, where the temps were: Lows 60, highs 70. Wow! When we stepped off the plane, it was like a wall of hot air hitting us!!

P.S. Everyone loves the pictures. You did such a great job. I will send you a picture of my wall arrangment soon. Love ya!

Nancy Hood said...

Your Ella is like Jen's Noah~growing up way too quickly!