The Williams Family

Monday, June 30, 2008

Playtime at the Park and Pool Fun

I am just loving this sweet girl's personality...she is so much fun! It's so easy to make her laugh now and she just seems overjoyed with life and curiosity. Love it!

Last week I had the pleasure of watching one of my friend's little girls, Linley. I have to say, I hope Ella is JUST LIKE HER when she's almost 3. Linley was a total polite and so sweet. And, we had a great time swimming in my parent's pool.

Mandy and I attempted to take the kids to the park but we made the sad discovery that it's just entirely too hot for outdoor play in Alabama right now. After about 5 minutes the kids were saying they wanted to go home and Mandy and I didn't think that was a bad idea! :-) We had a picnic lunch and then high-tailed it out of there...maybe we'll return sometime in December? Love the pictures I got of her kids though...they're a hoot!

Mandy and her 3 kids...she's such a great mom!

Ella was enthralled with a piece of garbage she found...lovely:

Check back tomorrow for more pictures of Ella's fun smiles and some sports related pictures...that's right...Keith has already turned her into a little athlete! :-)