The Williams Family

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st Round of Beach Pictures

Ok, here's the first round of edited beach pictures. I'm going to post them by day I think. Just as a disclaimer; there are a lot of pictures to follow. If you're not a family member or close friend, you probably will be bored with them. :-) I do realize not everyone wants to see 500+ pictures of our family. Haha! :-)

When we got there, we had to go straight out to check out the water and sand:

Next, we took a quick boat ride to check out the dolphins which came right up to the boat. Pretty cool!:

"Hi dolphins!"

Ella loved the boat...even tolerated her life jacket pretty well:

I know this picture is a little soft, but I just love the moment it captured:

Kelli and Ben, our terrific hosts. Kelli is pregnant with a little girl named Caroline and is due in October. Check back then for newborn pictures of her! :-)

The first mate:

After boating we headed back to the cottage for some fun in the grass and then bedtime for Ella. It was a great first day. I can't even tell you how wonderful the location is and what a relaxing place it was to visit. We loved it! More pictures to come tomorrow!