The Williams Family

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures

Ok...sorry I didn't post pictures yesterday like I said I would. I had my LTG in the morning and then a meeting at church last night so it cut into my photo editing time. Anyways, I've got lots of pictures today!

Here are the rest of the overall pictures:

On Saturday we attended Taylor's 3rd birthday party at Looney's Skating rink. It's pretty cool...all the kids bring their riding toys (Ella had her little red car) and they ride around the rink instead of skate. They also have big bouncey's set up. Their bouncey was much better for Ella's age because it was uncovered and short enough that I could look over the edge and help her bounce. The bad thing is that I used my little camera at the end to get some quick snapshots of Ella and somehow lost it. It probably fell out of my purse or diaper bag. :-( Boo hoo...oh's only stuff. Here's some pictures from the party:

Finally, Ella is a fish now!! On Saturday she got some great swim time in. She's enjoying "swimming" back and forth between people, jumping off the edge, and...get this...sitting in her raft! Yippeee!!! :-)