The Williams Family

Thursday, April 9, 2009

23 Months

I just realized that I forgot to post Ella's monthly picture. Only one more month and we'll have made it 2 years doing these pictures. I think after next month I'm going to stop doing them as she's not changing much month to month in appearance anymore. I may do them every 6 months for a year and then just yearly. Anyways, this past month really has been great. She's talking and singing up a storm and listening and obeying so well. Her imagination just amazes me...she loves to dress up, play with her babies, and tonight she even pretended to be a waitress and took my order on her little doodle pad! Makes me laugh because I know I was the same way as a little girl. She's still sleeping great in her big girl bed and actually taking better naps then she has in a long time. She even did well with taking her picture this only took a small bribe and she sat there quietly and let me snap away (still didn't get a smile though). This afternoon we went to Blount Park and she hopped up on the bench and said "picture mommy!" referring to my taking her picture with my camera phone. Amazing! Has she finally gotten past that horrible no eye contact phase??? :-)
After initially being totally gung-ho about potty training, I decided to back off because I honestly don't think she was really ready and I had a few people tell me that when she sees the baby in diapers she'll probably revert back and I definitely don't want that. So I might try again in a few weeks since she's now showing a lot of interest in it on her own, or I might just wait until later in the summer. Any suggestions?