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Thursday, April 2, 2009

30 Weeks

Still feeling good, but starting to notice a little bit more fatigue. When I was pregnant with Ella at this point I had starting swelling a good bit and I haven't really experienced that this time so I'm glad about that. I'm sure it's just yet to come though. :-) Anna moves like crazy and is so strong. Sometimes it feels like she's just going to push right through my belly button! And, yes, we have decided on Claire as a middle name for sure. It was Keith's #1 pick and although I really love the name Elizabeth, I have really grown to love the name Claire too. I think it is very traditional and southern which is exactly what I like. So Anna Claire Bear it is! :-)
We have our 4D ultrasound tomorrow which I'm really excited about. We debated back and forth about whether to do one this time or not and Keith definitely could have gone without, but since we did one for Ella and have it in her baby book, I just felt like we should do the same for Anna. Plus I would love the extra clarification that she's a girl. ;-) And, it's so much fun to see what she looks like. We could tell from Ella's that she looked just like Keith. Even in the womb! So check back this weekend for some ultrasound pictures.


☆ Loren ☆ said...

I have been following your blog for sometime, and just wanted to drop in and say that I think Claire was a fabulous choice! I have very similar taste as you. I love sweet southern names. My husband and I plan on naming our first daughter Ella Katherine ("Ella Kate") and we also love Anna Caroline. Actually, now that I think about it, I beleive thats how I found your blog,- by googling Ella Katherine one day. Ha. Well. Anyways you look so tiny and beautiful at 30 weeks. I love the pictures of Ella and can't wait to see little Anna.

God Bless