The Williams Family

Friday, April 10, 2009

Playgroup Egg Hunt

This morning our playgroup had a small Easter Egg hunt for the kids. We met in the park behind Frazer and they enjoyed playing at the playground and then spending some time hunting for eggs. Last year Ella liked the egg hunts but didn't totally get it. This year she loved it and needed no prompting from me to run around and find eggs. Even after the hunt was over and all the other kids went back to playing on the playground, Ella would not let her "birdy eggs" out of her sight. They were her prized possessions today. :-) Lucky for her she has another egg hunt tomorrow morning and again on Easter! Even though they forecasted rain for today, we lucked out with nice weather and temps, but it was WINDY! That's why Ella's hair looks crazy in all the pictures. :-)