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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anna's 4D

(image is clickable to see bigger)

We had our 4D ultrasound on Friday and it was so cool! I think it finally hit me that there is actually another baby in there that will be coming out in a few short months! :-) She gave us a couple of really good shots and then put her hand in front of her face and said "no more pictures please!" I guess she knows that with a photographer as a mom that the womb is the only place she can get away from pics! I've been comparing Anna's 4D and Ella's to see if there's a resemblance. I see it in some pictures, but not in others. It will be interesting to see who she looks like when she comes out. She was very active the whole time and kept sticking her little tongue out as you can see in one of the pics...pretty cute! Oh, and by the way, she is definitely all girl! We made sure to check that. :-)


Nancy said...

I think Anna is going to be her mommy made over :) with a hint of her daddy. I see more of Keith in sweet Ella's face, with a beautiful hint of you. Cannot wait for Anna to get here!