The Williams Family

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keith's Surprise Birthday Party!

Keith turns 30 this year and he has been talking about his 30th birthday probably since I met him 5 years ago. ;-) So I knew that I needed to do something fun for him and I probably needed to do it early if I wanted to surprise him (also because his birthday is May 21st and that's getting awfully close to my due date). So with lots and lots of help from my parents and his parents, I threw him a surprise party this past weekend. It was fantastic! He had no idea and was super surprised. I love that! We had it at Frazer in the activity center so that all of our buddies and their kids could come and have a fun time. Plus, Keith loves anything to do with sports so that's another reason we did it there. Anyways, after months of planning and Keith almost finding out about it two days prior (thanks Chris Myers!! ;-)), it all worked out wonderfully and Keith had no idea. So, now he's had his party and gotten his big present. I guess his actual birthday present in May will be a new daughter! Mom, Dad, Karen, and Kenny ~ thank you so very much for everything you did to help with the party. I certainly could not have done it without you!!
My dear friend Lori was there as a guest and also as the official photographer. As always, she took wonderful images that I will cherish forever. Thank you so much Lori!! Below are a few of my favorites and you can click on this link to see all of the pictures from that day.