The Williams Family

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Afternoon in the Country

After lunch and Ella's nap, we headed out to Slapout to visit with Keith's parents. They had all kinds of cool toys to play with out there including a little train pulled by a Gator and another egg hunt. Ella had a ton of fun and was totally worn out by the time we left to head home.
The train they had was so cool. Ella liked riding it the first time, but was too distracted by everything else to get back on later. I enjoyed riding it too!

Ella's Pawpaw did a really good job of hiding eggs...she had to really search for them!
Ella found the Golden Egg!

My parents headed out there with us as well to spend some time visiting with Keith's parents...
Loving the bubbles!

Yes, that's me - 7 months pregnant on a 4-wheeler. Not something you would normally see me do, but it made my hubby happy. :-)


Nancy said...

cute!! love the pics, the prose, and the ruffled diaper cover!!!

Heather said...

Kenny and Karen look great! It has been forever since I have seen them.