The Williams Family

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cool Things

Look at what my precious friend Emily made for my hospital stay next week:

Are those not absolutely adorable??? And look at the detail in the ribbon around the bottom...little pink baby feet! Love it!!!

Emily makes bows and flip-flops like these and sells them...I have some bows for Ella and highly recommend them! She can custom make bows to match outfits and she does all different solid her if you're interested! Thank you so much Emily!
2nd cool sis-in-law Latricia made a diaper cake for baby Anna. She made one for Ella too and I am just so impressed by how well she does them. She wraps and ties ribbon around each individual tedious and time-consuming! Thank you so much Latricia for such a thoughtful gift!!


These Three Kings said...

WOW! how PREACIOUS!! I would love to have her contact info! Would you please email it to me

Congrats on your soon to be arrival!
What a blessing!

ps- i found your blog through a random google search