The Williams Family

Monday, May 4, 2009

My little gardener

I decided to put my bedding and container plants in this week (wow...more difficult than I thought at 8 months pregnant!) and Ella was my little helper. She went with me to Southern Homes to pick out everything (we came home with a purple petunia because as most of you know, purple is her absolute favorite color) and then "helped" me put everything in once we got home. I didn't know if she would really enjoy it or not, but she absolutely loved it and wanted to imitate everything I was doing. Every day she asks about the flowers, especially the purple flowers, and wants to go out and look at them and help me water. I don't necessarily have a green thumb, so hopefully starting Ella out at a young age will teach her to take care of her plants better than I do! :-)
She, of course, had to wear gloves because heaven forbid that she gets her hands dirty:
I gave her some of the empty containers to play with and she would plant a flower and then dump it out and start over again: