The Williams Family

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Keith and Latricia!

May is a big birthday month for us...we have 4 immediate family birthdays...soon to be 5! Even though we had Keith's surprise party back in April, he actually turned 30 on the 21st. Our sister-in-law Latricia celebrated her birthday on the 20th so we got together with Keith's parents, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Mickey to celebrate this weekend. It was a huge surprise for everyone when we heard a knock on the door right before eating dinner and Uncle Kevin walked in! We were all under the impression that he wouldn't be coming back until Thanksgiving or later, so everyone was so excited to see him! He and Latricia planned a weekend home for her birthday and decided to keep it a secret to surprise everyone. It worked! I know Keith was so happy to get to spend some time with Kevin for his birthday. Unfortunately he has to go back first thing Monday morning so he won't get to meet Anna, but we have gotten some good use out of Skype, so he'll get to see her that way.
On Keith's actual birthday we went out to dinner at Miyako's...a Japanense steakhouse in town and one of our favorite places to eat. We took Ella along kind of apprehensively because we didn't know how she would. After an initial fear of the big fire, she enjoyed the entertainment of the chef cooking and she LOVED the hibachi steak. She gets that honest...steak is probably my favorite thing to eat too. :-) Afterwards we headed to Frazer's padded playground to play and then hit Diary Queen for a blizzard (Keith's favorite dessert). At the end of the night Keith declared that it was a pretty great 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Keifer! :-)