The Williams Family

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dr. Appointment Today

I had my ultrasound and Dr. appointment this afternoon. Keith and I were both off on the weight...they're estimating 7lbs. 8oz. right now! But, Dr. Lawhon assured us that ultrasounds tend to overestimate by 15% and he doesn't think she'll be much bigger than Ella (7lbs. 1oz.). Anyways, my blood pressure was up a little more today (140/ normal is 98/60) so I think because of that and because she's measuring a little big, he wants to induce on May 27th which is next Wednesday. I was 2cm and 75-80% effaced today so hopefully it'll be an easy induction and Anna will make her arrival next week! :-) So now I'm off to finish up my to-do list and enjoy a final week of just Ella and mommy time!


Lauren W said...

YAY!! We will be praying for you Suzanne. I am so happy for you guys.

Kelli said...

This is very exciting! I need to come by and see you and might drop by for a sec this weekend if you think you will be there. I'll just give you a call! We will be praying for you! This is such an exciting thing!!! I can't wait to meet ANNA!!! YEAH!