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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few more birthday pictures

Just wanted to share a couple more pictures from Ella's birthday and after her party. We surprised her with a new tricycle (or as she calls it a new "motorcycle") on her birthday. We got the one with the push handle on the back thinking it would be easier for her, but she won't have anything to do with us helping. So maybe that will come in handy in the future. :-) She doesn't quite have the hang of pushing the pedals, but she sure likes to sit on it and ring the bell! And I love the fact that tricycles come in pink now...too cute! (please ignore the bedhead in these was first thing in the morning)
When she finished up with Mother's Day Out that morning, my mom had a couple of balloons and some smarties waiting for her in Keith's office. An Elmo balloon...her favorite!
Later that day after Keith got home from work, we headed out to Stevi B's for dinner (not our favorite place, but Ella loves pizza) and to Petland to look at the animals (another of Ella's favorite things to do). All in all, it was a pretty fun birthday for her!
We opted not to have Ella open presents during her party since there was so much going on and we thought it might be a little overwhelming for her. So after her nap that day, she got to wake up and open them. She got some really cool things and enjoyed playing with them all afternoon. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful presents! :-) (bedhead again in was right after nap)
Last bit of info...we had Ella's 2 year check up yesterday. She weighs 25lbs (25th percentile) and is 35in tall (80th percentile). Our tall and skinny gal! :-)


Nancy Hood said...

beautiful posts, gorgeous pics!! and what an adorable child!!!