The Williams Family

Monday, May 4, 2009

The weekend project that never ended...

We decided to get Ella a swing set this year for her birthday. After much deliberation, we decided on one and planned a weekend to get it put together. Unfortunately for Keith, it ended up taking much more than one Saturday and Sunday afternoon! 21.5 hours later (4 separate days and with help from both grandpas), the swing set was completed. I know it was such a big chore for Keith, but I also know that Ella and Anna will both love it and spend many hours enjoying it in the years to come. Thanks for your hard work Keith, Kenny, and Dad!!

Getting started...look at all that wood!
Ella and I cheered them on from the sidelines:
Ella checking out their progress:
She will use anything as a phone...even her baby monitor:
"You mean they're still not done with that swing set??"
My dad came to help the 2nd day:
Finally Keith finished it up the last day himself:
And tada.....the finished product!!!